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Organizations are always looking for ways to maximize the value of their employee benefits package to help attract and retain top quality employees. Employee benefit planning is a dynamic process that requires frequent attention to meet your organizations group benefit needs. From start to finish, The Magellan Agency works closely in partnership with our clients to produce the best outcomes and improve your organizations success. We follow a consultative, client-focused approach to produce unsurpassed results with each new case and renewal.

illustration of multiple files - ancillary plans We listen to better understand your needs and objectives and gather data about:

  • Your current products
  • The importance of your benefits
  • Level of employee satisfaction
  • How do you want benefits to improve
  • Risk tolerance
  • Demographics of employee group
  • Your budget for benefits package
  • Current HR administration model

illustration of document with a pen - benefit plan design services Analyze current plans

  • Review all group plan coverage‚Äôs
  • Funding methods
  • Plan expenses
  • Communication methods
  • Compliance
  • Premium contributions
  • Employee participation levels

illustration of magnifying glass over a document - benefit plan review and audit Plan Design

  • Vendor negotiation
  • Claims analysis
  • Alternative funding options
  • New market trends
  • Advanced plan design
  • Introduce new carriers
  • Tax advantage solutions

illustration of chat bubble and a headset - communications Recommend/Implementation/ Communication

  • Employee enrollment
  • Insurance carrier set up
  • Customized employee communication
  • Coordinate employee meetings
  • Provide online resource for benefits

illustration of man with star on shirt - human resources support Compliance

  • Stay compliant with State and Federal labor laws
  • Manage risk
  • Build a better workforce
  • ERISA compliance review
  • Cobra & HIPAA support
  • Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)

illustration of computer monitor with keyboard - online services Ongoing Review & Services

  • Resolve administrative issues
  • Reduce administration tasks
  • Accelerate enrollment, claims, and billing issues.

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